Create a Google (Gmail) Account without phone verification

Google has had this annoying issue since late last year. Each time you want to sign up for a Google Account, you would have to verify your account via text. Some of us actually do make numerous Google accounts, and after a few accounts, we find out that our phone number has reached its limit at the number of accounts you can activate using that phone number. I have an iPod Touch and here’s what I did originally. Don’t follow this. It’s a rather inefficient method. The simple, quick working method is below. Read on. I downloaded an application called TextFree which gave you a free US number. So I actually typed in my US number to register for Google. Okay. That method actually works, but… What happens if you don’t live in the US, don’t have any access to those apps, don’t have an iPod Touch or iPhone? Here’s the method we’ll be using. Simple. Fast. Free. Legal.

Step 1: Instead of going to > Create an account > Enter Details > Type in phone number > Verify code sent to your phone, just use this link.


Step 2: Enter your details. Click next.

Step 3. Click on SHOW ME MY ACCOUNT.


Well there you have it. Your own Google (Gmail) account without having to have some verification code sent to your phone.


Enjoy 🙂

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